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Help Get the Child Nutrition Bill Passed

November 19, 2010

On a recent Virtual Town Hall conference call on child hunger and nutrition, USDA Secretary Tom Vilsack, Chairman George Miller and Feeding America urged food banks, advocates and grass-root efforts to focus on urging Congress to pass the Child Nutrition Bill this year. The San Antonio Food Bank is encouraging you to do your part – call Congress!  Dial 877-698-8228 to be connected directly to your Congress Member’s office and let them know:

“Congress must pass the child nutrition bill this year…do not go home without passing the Healthy, Hunger Free Kids Act…which is the Senate’s version of CNR known as (S.3307).”

You can also e-mail your Congress Member to urge them to pass a healthy CNR (S.3307). With just a couple of weeks left there is plenty of Advocacy left to do! Become a Hunger Relief Advocate! To find more information on the effort, log onto .

Thank you for all that you do with regards to Fighting Hunger…Feeding Hope!

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  1. November 14, 2011 7:36 pm

    I eat a healthy diet with fruits and vegetables and it is fairly balanced. I also think I eat enough. Do i need to worry about proper nutrition if I exercise at a higher intensity such as running for up to 25 minutes? Is it possible to get exercise migraines if you don’t have proper nutrition?

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