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Get involved in the Fight Against Hunger

February 14, 2011

Food banks are geared up for an interesting and contentious 82nd Texas Legislative Session. Texas is looking at an $18-25 billion budget shortfall along with redistricting. Session should prove to be critical, in terms of outcomes that ultimately impact working families and individuals. Texas food banks will advocate to protect existing funding streams that help us help others. The dollars that local food banks receive from the state assist in connecting hungry families to necessary nutrition that ensures a better quality of life.

In regards to SNAP (formerly food stamps), a priority is making sure that the application process is simplified and food bank pilot programs continue to work in order to ensure that SNAP benefits are available to individuals that need them in a timely fashion.

With the demand for food bank programs and services on the rise, it is essential that continued funding and donation availability is well protected, thus keeping the lifeline of emergency food assistance available to all the 19 Texas Food Banks. The San Antonio Food Bank (SAFB) will continue to advocate and follow the lead of the Texas Food Bank Network as we navigate the 82nd Legislative Session 2011.

To learn more about the SAFB’s public policy initiatives and to become a hunger advocate, sign up for our e-mail newsletter at

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