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Find a Farmers’ Market in Your Area

July 28, 2011

There are several tools that can help you find a farmers’ market in your area. Having an easy way to locate a nearby farmers’ market is essential in getting fresh and local produce out to those who desire it.

Some farmers’ markets have adapted to today’s technological advances and use various tools to their advantage. Here are a few:

  • Smart phone users can utilize Farmers Market Finder apps. These apps can help in locating nearby markets.
  • Foursquare is a location-based social networking site that can also help users find the nearest market.
  • The USDA recently released a new tool, 2011 Farmers Market Directory which is a database of markets in the US.

Don’t forget about the other tools that can help you find and learn more about local farmers’ markets, such as Facebook, Twitter, community calendars, local news and more.

We hope these tools will help you find a nearby market and that you will enjoy shopping for fresh local food. Stop by the Main Plaza Farmers’ Market each Tuesday from 10 a.m. – 2 p.m. in Main Plaza. You’ll find fresh local produce, grass-fed beef, free-range eggs, baked goods and many other wonderful items. See you there!

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