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Never Too Young to Fight Hunger

February 1, 2012

Hunter is twelve years-old and is in 7th grade. In December, she was given a school assignment to complete a service project and Hunter decided she wanted to help the hungry in her community.

Hunter took several approaches in her fight against hunger. For Christmas, instead of asking for gifts, she asked her family and friends to give her money so that it could be donated to the San Antonio Food Bank. She also visited The Kitchen Table, a program of the San Antonio Food Bank in New Braunfels, with her mother to volunteer. She helped with stocking pantry items, cleaning, filing and she volunteered with the Teens in Action program where she helped make healthy menus for the families that utilize The Kitchen Table. Hunter also worked at her families’ business to earn money that she could add to her donation.

Over the course of the month, she was able to collect $750 and presented a check to The Kitchen Table staff. Her donation equates to 5,859 meals that will go to help the hungry in the community. THANK YOU, HUNTER!

Hunter expressed that she really enjoyed the Teens in Action program and plans to continue helping her community.

If you’d like to join Hunter in the fight against hunger, visit our website to see how you can get involved.

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