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Make Mother’s Day Special

May 11, 2012

Judy was living a comfortable life with her husband of ten years and their three children, Mabel (age 6), Stephen (age 2) and Gloria (age 1). Her husband worked full-time to support the family and Judy worked a couple of hours a week for additional income. They were happy.

That all changed one morning when Judy woke to find herself alone with her children; her husband had left in the middle of the night. In the process he emptied their bank accounts and cashed out their 401k. She was left with $30.

Judy came to the San Antonio Food Bank to seek assistance in providing food for her family.

As Judy sat with her three children at the San Antonio Food Bank, she shared, “This is a far cry from where I was last year. This is not a burden you choose and it is difficult to make it through each day.”

Due to this single action over which she had no control, Judy is behind on her mortgage payments and her car payment hasn’t been on time in months.

As a parent, it is hard not being able to give your child the items they want. While home life has changed due to a lack of money, receiving emergency food assistance helps her feel successful in providing for her kids. Food is a priority for Judy because she knows her children need food to grow.

“Growing kids needs food. Milk is expensive, but the kids need it and go through a gallon a day,” she shared.

Mother’s Day is this weekend and we ask that you consider making an investment to support the San Antonio Food Bank in our fight to end hunger in our community. Your gift will help feed a family like Judy’s today and for many weeks ahead.

Thank you for making a difference in the lives of families across Southwest Texas this Mother’s Day! 

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