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Volunteering is a Rewarding Experience

November 12, 2012

Volunteering at the San Antonio Food Bank (SAFB) is a fun, rewarding experience! Just ask Loretta Pohl, Janet Robinson or Janet McDaniel. Each of these ladies has been volunteering regularly at the SAFB after their retirement.

Loretta Pohl has been volunteering at the SAFB for the past four years. She started when she wanted to do something different after her retirement as a dental hygienist. One of her friends volunteered at a food pantry in Hondo which gave Loretta the idea to help out in a similar way, but closer to home. Loretta joined the Golden Eagles in helping out at a summer feeding pantry and enjoyed the experience so much that she continued doing it. Janet Robinson has been volunteering for almost two years. After her retirement from the military she wanted to find something to do that would give back to the community. Janet saw an advertisement calling for volunteers at the San Antonio Food Bank and decided to join. Janet McDaniel has been volunteering for a year and a half after retirement from being a business executive for many years.

From left: Loretta Pohl, Janet Robinson and Janet McDaniel

Volunteering together so often has created a bond between these women, which they all cite as one of the reasons they continue to come back.

“Communicating with the other volunteers…and making friends makes it fun,” says Janet Robinson.

They believe that it’s important to help out because there are so many people in need in the San Antonio area. Not wanting others to have to struggle with being hungry, especially children; these ladies have made it a mission to help out whenever possible.  

“So many people need help and it’s so easy to give back a little,” says Janet Robinson.

When asked about how they inspire others to join them in volunteering, the ladies said that they talk to their family and friends about the flexibility of the volunteering hours and how little work it takes to make such a huge difference. The ladies also bring their neighbors flyers from the SAFB and make sure to invite people to join them during big food drives.

Thank you ladies for your years of helping out the San Antonio area’s hungry families! If you want to be a hunger fighter like Janet, Loretta and Janet, visit our website.

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