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I Want to Work

March 5, 2014

Since returning from Vietnam more than 30 years ago, David Morales’ body has undergone more than 14 surgeries and awaits 6 more.  He gets around with a walker and does what he can around his home.  His ravaged body, which is in constant pain, makes it impossible for him to work.  He explains, “I wish I could work, but I’m very limited in what I can do.”  David says the worst time of his life was living on the street in his car.  He would eat off dollar menus at restaurants to stretch what little money he had to survive.  He lost a lot of weight and became a shell of himself.  “I’m a positive person, I can do with the bare minimum, but I didn’t have the proper nutrition.” says David.

A few years ago, a friend recommended he visit the Food Bank for assistance.  He is grateful for the day he walked in our doors.  “It means a lot when a person smiles at you and that’s what you get at the Food Bank.  Not only do you put food on my plate, your staff feed’s my spirit.” he says.  He goes on to explain that sometimes in life you have to swallow your pride and its ok to ask for help when you need it.  He’s thankful the Food Bank and its caring staff are a part of his journey.

“I wish I could say I would never need help again and I could help others, but my reality is this body.  There are so many things I want to do like go back to school and become a teacher to help inspire kids to be better people.  But right now, getting my health on track is important for me.” he says.

He wants people—donors and volunteers of the Food Bank—to know how important their donations of time and food are to him.  “I wish I could thank everyone—give each donor and volunteer a hug, because they help make it possible for me to eat and to have loving human interaction.” he says. David, who never married or had children, feels like the Food Bank is extended family.  “It’s a pleasure to come here; I find peace.  Everyone smiles here and makes me feel comfortable.  It re-charges my batteries.”



You too can make a difference in someone’s life with your donation of food, time or money.  Visit to learn how to become a hunger fighter in our community!

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