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Honor a Mother

April 7, 2014


Like many mothers, Santa’s main priority in life is to take care of and provide for her children, which is more difficult for her than most.  Santa, a single mom with two children under the age of eight, had dreams of attending college to study computer science but had to change course when her children were both diagnosed with Coffin Lowry syndrome.

She found herself working in the fast food industry to provide for her family but it became too much for her, as a single mom, to handle. Santa found herself unable to work due to the demands of her children’s disorder.

“Now my [full-time] job is to take care of both of them to make sure they are ok.” Santa explains. Each child receives three therapies a week—OT, PT, Speech Therapy—to help them advance. Her hands are full, but raising her boys means the world to her.  “They have a short life expectancy.  I just want them to have happy lives while I have them,” she says.

In order to help make ends meet Santa relies on the Food Bank to help fill the gap in her monthly groceries. The food they receive, particularly the fruits and vegetables, provide Santa and her boys with much needed nourishment.  “We were excited about this month’s distribution because we came home with healthy food like cabbage, potatoes and chicken. I am looking forward to making my boys a stew.”

Santa’s priority will continue to be her children as she works to keep them healthy. Her hope is that once they are well enough and able to attend school that she will be able to enroll in computer science classes and provide more for her family.  Santa doesn’t take life for granted and takes each day as it comes; she hopes for the best for her family.

In the meantime, she is grateful for the Food Bank and its partner agencies for the monthly food distributions.  She says, “I don’t know what I would do if I couldn’t count on the Food Bank.  I can’t get a job because of the boys.  I can’t let my children starve.  I’m grateful for the food.”


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